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So, schedule change; I now work 2p to 10:30p Monday through Friday with weekends off. I'm all "Yay! Weekends off!" and "Boo! 5 day workweek!"

And I have psudo-s'mores today, so it's a little better.

Trek expo was AWESOME, even if I was only there for 4 hours and I couldn't get to Supper with the Stars. Meeting Adam Baldwin was great. He's really a big teddy bear with really funny stories. We take great pictures together, too bad he's married with kids (although, the "family man" thing is what makes him most attractive to me).  He thought I looked familiar, hmm....

I've got our church poker run/motorcycle rally Saturday. I really need to volunteer I signed up to volunteer, but I'm not totally sure where I fit this time around, esp if Tracy isn't running one of the stops. Not to mention that I'll be at work when they talk about what they're doing and when.  They should email and/or call me, though.

I totally have this other post about some emotional stuff, but it's a little longer than I want to post right now.  It's cross-posting worthy, though, so I'm going to start working on it and tweeking it, and (hopefully) post it in the morning or early tomorrow afternoon.

I also have a new story idea.  I need to get it outlined so that I can start working on it before it goes away.  I think that there is one scene that I'll need to start working on now while the idea is still fresh and even if I don't have character names yet.

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