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So I just found out that my dad's mom died... June 2003.

There's something wrong with my dad's side of the family.  If you aren't super-close to them, they don't tell you anything unless they need something from you.  I guess they thought that they didn't need me when my grandmother passed. 

I guess I wasn't needed when my dad's "favorite" sister died either.  Oh, yeah, she died sometime after my dad did but before my grandmother did. 

I want to know where my cousins are, but that's it.  most of them don't care for me, so I guess that I don't need to worry about them.

Grief sucks.
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My 2nd cousin Hazel passed away this morning. She leaves behind 2 children, her husband, her sister, and her mother. Hazel was diagnosed with panceratic cancer in late October. It was her time, she got everything done first.

She will be missed.

I started "aquiring" CDs from the school library. I have a few CDs that had been stolen from me and I also got some new CDs that I've always wanted. I definitely have a wide range of music that I like. So far, I've copied 9 classical music CDs, some standards, some alternative, and lots of stuff I used to listen to.

Today alone I've managed to get a total of 12 CDs from the music library and about 35-40 mp3s from the DRS System. I got everything from southern gospel to Nirvana.

I have a long night ahead of me.

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